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Stopped or missed periods

There are numerous reasons why a lady may miss her standard month to month time span, or why periods may stop inside and out.

Most ladies have a period each 28 days or somewhere in the vicinity, yet it's regular to have a somewhat shorter or longer cycle than this (from 21 to 40 days).

A few ladies don't generally have a normal menstrual cycle. Their period might be early or late, and to what extent it keeps going and how overwhelming it is may differ each time.

Read more about sporadic periods and substantial periods.

Why your periods may stop

There are various reasons why your periods can stop. The most well-known reasons are:



sudden weight reduction

being overweight or stout

extraordinary overexercising

taking the preventative pill

achieving the menopause

polycystic ovary disorder (PCOS)

Periods can likewise in some cases stop because of a long haul therapeutic condition, for example, coronary illness, uncontrolled diabetes, an overactive thyroid, or untimely ovarian disappointment.


You may be pregnant in case you're sexually dynamic and your period is late. Pregnancy is a typical motivation behind why periods out of the blue stop. It can here and there happen if the contraception you're utilizing falls flat.

It may be that your period is basically late, so you could hold up a couple of days to check whether it arrives. In the event that it doesn't arrive, you can complete a pregnancy test to affirm regardless of whether you're pregnant.

It's vital to know that you can get pregnant in the days after your period is regularly due. This can happen if the arrival of an egg (ovulation) is deferred – for instance, because of sickness or stress.


In case you're focused on, your menstrual cycle can turn out to be longer or shorter, your periods may stop by and large, or they may turn out to be more excruciating.

Attempt to abstain from getting to be worried by setting aside a few minutes to unwind. Consistent exercise, for example, running, swimming and yoga, can enable you to unwind. Breathing activities can likewise help.

In case you're thinking that its difficult to adapt to pressure, intellectual social treatment (CBT) might be prescribed. CBT is a talking treatment that can enable you to deal with your issues by changing the way you think and act.

Sudden weight reduction

Inordinate or sudden weight reduction can make your periods stop. Seriously limiting the measure of calories you eat stops the generation of hormones required for ovulation.

Your GP may allude you to a dietitian in case you're underweight, where you have a weight list (BMI) of under 18.5. The dietitian will have the capacity to exhort you about how to recapture weight securely.

On the off chance that your weight reduction is caused by a dietary issue, for example, anorexia, you'll be alluded to a specialist.

Being overweight or corpulent

Being overweight or corpulent can likewise influence your menstrual cycle. In case you're overweight, your body may create an overabundance measure of estrogen, one of the hormones that control the regenerative framework in ladies.

The overabundance estrogen can influence how frequently you have periods, and can likewise make your periods stop.

Your GP may allude you to a dietitian in case you're overweight or stout, with a BMI of at least 30, and it's influencing your periods. The dietitian will have the capacity to exhort you about getting thinner securely.

Extraordinary overexercising

The pressure that exceptional physical action puts on your body can influence the hormones in charge of your periods. Losing excessively muscle versus fat through extreme exercise can likewise stop you ovulating.

You'll be informed to lessen your level with respect to movement if unreasonable exercise has made your periods stop.

In case you're an expert competitor, you may profit by observing a specialist who represents considerable authority in sports drug. They'll have the capacity to give you guidance about how to keep up your execution without upsetting your periods.

Prophylactic pill

You may miss a period now and then in case you're taking the preventative pill. This isn't normally a reason for concern.

A few sorts of contraception, for example, the progestogen-just pill, preventative infusion and intrauterine framework (IUS), especially Mirena, can make periods stop through and through.

Be that as it may, your periods should return when you quit utilizing these kinds of contraception.


You may begin missing periods as you approach the menopause. This is on the grounds that estrogen levels will begin to abatement, and ovulation will turn out to be less consistent. After the menopause, your periods will stop totally.

The menopause is a characteristic piece of the maturing procedure in ladies, which generally happens between the ages of 45 and 55. The normal age for a lady to achieve the menopause is 51 in the UK.

Be that as it may, around 1 out of 100 ladies encounter the menopause before the age of 40. This is known as untimely menopause or untimely ovarian disappointment.

Polycystic ovary disorder (PCOS)

Polycystic ovaries contain a substantial number of safe follicles, which are immature sacs in which eggs create. On the off chance that you have PCOS, these sacs are regularly unfit to discharge an egg, which implies ovulation doesn't occur.

PCOS is believed to be exceptionally normal, influencing around 1 in each 10 ladies in the UK. The condition is in charge of upwards of one of every three instances of ceased periods.

At the point when to see your GP

See your GP in case you're not pregnant – you've had a negative pregnancy test – and you've missed in excess of three periods in succession.

In case you're sexually dynamic and you haven't taken a pregnancy test, your GP may encourage you to take one.

They may likewise get some information about:

your medicinal history

your family's medicinal history

your sexual history

any intense subject matters you're having

any ongoing changes in your body weight

the measure of activity you do

Your GP may prescribe holding up to see whether your periods return without anyone else. Now and again you may require treatment for your periods to return.

You ought to likewise observe your GP if your periods stop before you're 45 or despite everything you're draining when you're more than 55.

Referral to an authority

In the event that your GP figures a fundamental restorative condition may have made your periods stop, they may allude you to an expert.

Contingent upon what your GP suspects is causing the issue, you might be alluded to:

a gynecologist – an authority in treating conditions that influence the female conceptive framework

an endocrinologist – an authority in treating hormonal conditions

You may have a full gynecological examination and different tests, including:

blood tests – to see whether you have strange levels of specific hormones, for example, prolactin, thyroid-fortifying hormone, follicle-empowering hormone, or luteinising hormone

a ultrasound examine, CT sweep or MRI filter – to recognize any issues with your conceptive framework or the pituitary organ in your mind

Treating basic conditions

On the off chance that test outcomes show a fundamental restorative condition has made your periods stop, you might be offered treatment for your condition.

For instance, if the reason is PCOS, you might be encouraged to take the preventative pill or tablets containing a hormone called progesterone.

Read more about the treatment of PCOS.

On the off chance that the reason is early menopause (untimely ovarian disappointment), this implies the ovaries never again work regularly. Hormone medicine is normally suggested. Medicines to attempt incorporate the preventative pill or hormone substitution treatment (HRT).

On the off chance that you have an overactive thyroid organ, you might be offered pharmaceutical to stop your thyroid organ creating an excessive number of hormones. Extend marks are restricted streaks or lines that happen on the surface of the skin.

Specialists frequently allude to extend checks as stria, striae or – amid pregnancy – striae gravidarum.

Extend marks are frequently red or purple to begin with, before step by step blurring to a brilliant white shading. They're typically long and thin.

Picture of stretch imprints

Where extend marks happen

Extend imprints can happen anyplace where the skin has been extended, yet they more often than not influence territories where fat is put away, for example, the:

stomach (belly)


upper arms

rear end


shoulders (in weight lifters)

Now and then, especially in adolescent young men, extend imprints can create on the back, overlying the spine on a level plane (like the rungs on a stepping stool).

Extend marks caused by Cushing's disorder (where the blood contains abnormal amounts of a hormone called cortisol, see beneath) have a tendency to be more extensive and bigger, and can likewise show up on the face.

At the point when extend marks happen

Extend checks regularly happen:

amid pregnancy

after quick weight pick up

amid adolescence

in the event that you have a family history of stretch imprints

on the off chance that you have a fundamental wellbeing condition or a disorder, for example, Cushing's disorder or Marfan disorder

after the drawn out or unseemly utilization of corticosteroid pharmaceutical

These are talked about in more detail underneath.


Extend stamps regularly happen amid the later phases of pregnancy, influencing around 8 out of 10 pregnant ladies. Regardless of whether you'll get extend marks relies upon your skin write and how versatile it is.

Amid pregnancy, hormones are created that relax the tendons in your pelvis so they're more adaptable when you conceive an offspring. Tendons are solid groups of tissue that interface joints. Be that as it may, the hormones additionally mellow the strands in your skin, making it inclined to extend marks.

As your child develops and your skin extends, you may get extend blemishes on your stomach. You may likewise create them on your thighs and bosoms as they get greater.

Extend checks typically blur and turn out to be less detectable after labor, however they don't generally vanish totally.

Fast weight pick up

You may get extend marks on the off chance that you put on a great deal of weight over a brief timeframe. They in some cases stay even subsequent to getting in shape, yet ought to in the end blur.

Consistent eating less junk food can cause extend stamps as your weight goes here and there. In the event that you have to get in shape, lose it gradually and consistently with the goal that your skin isn't put under strain. Read more about how to get more fit securely.

Jocks and competitors can likewise get extend checks as their muscles increment in estimate.


Amid adolescence, the body regularly de

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